We bring the


for your nonprofit to life!

Nonprofit Start-up

We facilitate educational seminars to help potential clients determine their readiness for starting a nonprofit.  Our seminars are offered through strategic partnerships with NC Small Business Centers, nonprofits and for-profit businesses.

Nonprofit Formation

We help clients correctly complete all state and federal paperwork required to form the nonprofit.  These services assist clients in forming a Board of Directors to provide administrative and financial management of the nonprofit.

Nonprofit Training

We train the Board of Directors on their duties and responsibilities using Handbooks that have been individually designed for each client’s nonprofit.  Training is also available for Executive Directors, department managers, staff and volunteers, as needed.

Nonprofit Technology

We provide technology services that help nonprofits improve their internal operations and community impact.  Our services include website development, executive management, project management, IT analysis & planning, and testing, rollout & training support.

Philanthropy Planning

We assist corporate clients in creating a written plan that identifies how their business can invest in the local community.  Through research and relationships, we identify existing community nonprofit initiatives and match them with our for-profit client’s interests and values.

Nonprofit Management

We provide services designed for clients who require a firm to ensure the nonprofit is run effectively at every level of its operation. Management services include nonprofit start-up, program design & management, organizational and financial management, board training and meeting facilitation and brand/public relations management.

Media Support

We connect clients with commercial and entertainment media services to assist in their marketing endeavors.  Service providers specialize in photography, videography, filmmaking, television production, presentations, radio broadcasts, and podcasts.

From Our Clients

STC Consulting, LLC has been a Godsend and blessing to our Non-Profit, Remnant Warriors Global, Inc. In making a decision to select a Non-Profit consultant our team prayed and fasted. Unanimously, we knew Dr. Addo and STCC were it. From Dr. Kathryn Addo's wise counsel to Holy Spirit-led leadership, we have flourished as an organization. There are so many things that novice nonprofits can endure. I truly believe, due to our obedience and intentional training, we have counteracted some common pitfalls and have built a strong foundation. Dr. Addo has rendered board training for us, attended our annual retreats, and has provided one on one training for our Senior Level positions. Our internal controls have strengthened and we are now, more than ever, serving women and girls across the nation successfully through our program and services.

We are forever grateful for her patience, her YES, and her passion for this work! She's always a phone call away, and her services speak for themselves! Thank you for seeing the God in us!

Brittany Brooks, Board ChairpersonRemnant Warriors Global, Inc.