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My name is Dr. Kathryn Addo and I’m a Nonprofit Consultant who is passionate about serving the nonprofit community.  My story begins with assisting my mother in her community service activities as a young girl.  I learned the value & responsibility of helping others at an early age.  My early years were spent in a close-knit…

Our primary services focus on nonprofit start-up and capacity building.

Educational Seminars

Technical Assistance

Professional Development

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From Our Clients

Kathryn Addo, Nonprofit Consultant is Awesome, Professional, Reliable, Creative, Committed, Visionary, Goal Oriented, Strategic, and Organized! Ms. Addo was the “GPS system” that guided me in implementing my vision for a non-profit organization. I knew what I wanted to accomplish but I didn’t know where to start. After a consultation with her, my directions were clear. She advised me in each step that I made. Ms. Addo’s expertise made me very comfortable and I trusted her advice. I was full of joy and excitement as I watched CAPS unfold before my eyes! If you are considering starting or have started a non-profit organization, I strongly suggest that you consult with her. The “Addo Experience” will get your non-profit off to a good start. As Dr. Addo often says “start like you want to finish.”

Mae Bogier, FounderCommunities Assuring Progress & Success (CAPS)