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My name is Dr. Kathryn Addo and I’m a Nonprofit Consultant who is passionate about serving the nonprofit community.  My story begins with assisting my mother in her community service activities as a young girl.  I learned the value & responsibility of helping others at an early age.  My early years were spent in a close-knit…

Our primary services focus on nonprofit start-up and formation.

We offer additional services that help our clients build internal capacity after formation.

Nonprofit Start-up

Nonprofit Formation

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Nonprofit Technology

Philanthropy Planning

Nonprofit Management

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From our clients

Kathryn is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of her professional arena and has a tremendous insight into the nonprofit field. Her dedication and “can-do” attitude towards her clients’ success makes her a significant piece of the proverbial business pie. Due to her keen knowledge of the nonprofit start up process, she made sure that my start-up was uneventful.  As a retired military non commission officer, it is a blessing to have such a dedicated professional representing my organization. As “From Males 2 Men” Inc., continues our relationship with Kathryn, the thing we admire the most is that she is led by her heart. We love the passion she has for uplifting these youths.  She exhibits compassion and unwavering commitment to those she seeks to assist.  Kathryn commits all her heart and soul to bring about a better quality of life for the young people she has vowed to serve. It is an honor, pleasure and privilege to know such a wonderful woman.

Rick Savage, Founder
From Males 2 Men, Inc.
Fayetteville, NC